Yellow elder plant, colorful flowers

Yellow Elder

Yellow Elder Flowers. Yes, flowers are my very favorite things to photograph. I would say that the yellow elder has to be one of my favorite flowers. The color and shape of the flowers in contrast to the green leaves makes this plant a perfect subject. 

The yellow elder is native to the Bahamas and is its national flower. It can also be seen throughout south Florida.

I started this plant from a seed and watched it grow. It took less than three years until it’s first flowers. Yes, that’s a while, but not too long to enjoy these beautiful flowers in my opinion. Of course, you might find a plant that already has flowers for sale somewhere and not have to wait three years but if you enjoy gardening and watching a plant grow from a small seed then the time it takes can be very rewarding.

Once the flowers fade the plant produces long thin seed pods that you can collect to start more plants if you wish. I usually let the pods dry on the plant before picking them. Once dried the pods can easily be pulled apart to reveal numerous seeds in each one. Just plant a few, keep them damp and in a warm area and in a few weeks you should have yellow elder seedlings.

The yellow elder is drought tolerant and likes the sun. It will grow in the shade but may not produce as many flowers.

If you like plants with vibrant colorful flowers that do not require a lot of work or water then you should consider the yellow elder.

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