Sunset and a palm tree on the Sanibel causesway

A clear afternoon for a dazzling sunset on the Sanibel Causeway

Sanibel Causeway Sunset

Sanibel Causeway Sunset

This photo was take in the month of August in the beautiful state of Florida

A little glare and a few smudges on my lens but still a great capture. After dinner with my wife driving back  over the bridge to Sanibel island we just had to stop on the causeway and enjoy this sunset.

I snapped several photos as the sun set. If you would be interested in seeing more please just let me know.

I had this image printed on canvas and it looks great hanging on our bedroom wall.

The palm tree in this shot really adds to the photo along with the clouds and the whole beach sunset scene of course.

If you live in or visit Florida you should be sure to check out Sanibel island. There is lots to do there including going to the beach of course. There are tons of birds and also dolphins can be seen regularly. There is a Sanibel light house as well. Lots of places to stay and eat as well.

If you would like to skip traffic you can also rent bikes at Billy’s Rentals.

Of course my favorite part of Sanibel is the beach but there are also other cool things to enjoy like the Ding Darling nature preserve. If you like plants you may also want to check out the native plant nursery on the island.

Thank you for viewing my photography, if you would like to purchase a print of this or any other of my photos please feel free to contact me for more information.

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