Pink hibiscus flower close up photo

Pink Hibiscus Flower

Pink Hibiscus Flower

This photo was take in the month of September in the small town of Labelle, Florida. This plant was growing near a sidewalk that made it easily accessible for capturing the close up image.

What I like about this picture is the pink of the flower and the angle it’s taken at. I like the slight contrast of the pink flower against the green of the leaves as well. The slight bit of dirt adds some character to the image as well.

Hibiscus flowers can be found in several different colors and shades including red, yellow, white, orange, pink and very possibly even more colors than I know about. A bonus to seeing or having these flowers in your garden is that they do attract humming birds frequently. Once the humming birds finds the plant with the steady blooming flowers they will be regular visitors. If you grow the plant right out your windows you may have the privilege of observing the magnificent birds from the comfort of your home.

Hibiscus plants are not too difficult to propagate new plants from by making cuttings. You could easily make ten or a lot more new plants just from trimming the original plant that grows rather quickly during the rainy season in Florida (or the Bahamas.) What would you do with so many plants? You could plant them throughout your yard and let them grow for years of enjoyment. Or mayb you could start a small business selling plants.

Thank you for viewing my photography, if you would like to purchase a print of this or any other of my photos please feel free to contact me for more information.

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