Quail on a fence photo

Quail photography on a fence

Quail usually run away but this bird hung out on the fence and let me photograph it. I used to see quail regularly in our yard when we lived by more woods. Sadly I don’t see them anymore in the city. Quail are beautiful birds.

Blue Scrub Jay Bird

Scrub Jay Bird on Post

I miss living in Muse Florida where I would often see the rare scrub jay bird in my yard. And even more so if we put bird seed out. I was fortunate enough to snap three photos of this bird. I don’t think I’ve seen one since I moved from Muse, maybe I should take a ride out there and…

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Humming bird photo, Abaco Bahamas
Birds, Flowers

Green Hummingbird on Pink Hibiscus Flower

Humming Bird, Abaco, Bahamas. This photo is one of my favorites. Trust me, not an easy task for me to capture this or any other hummingbird in a clear image. I was truly blessed to get this shot. I had tried to photograph hummingbirds before and just given up. They were too fast, before I could even get the camera aimed…

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