Green Hummingbird on Pink Hibiscus Flower

Humming bird photo, Abaco Bahamas

Humming bird photo

Humming Bird, Abaco, Bahamas. This photo is one of my favorites. Trust me, not an easy task for me to capture this or any other hummingbird in a clear image. I was truly blessed to get this shot.

I had tried to photograph hummingbirds before and just given up. They were too fast, before I could even get the camera aimed or in focus the quick little birds were gone.

I remember being in the house back home and seeing hummingbirds right out the window buzzing around flowers.

One day I was in the yard with my camera and I saw this hummingbird, he was fast and my previous efforts did not really motivate me to even bother trying to capture an image. But I watched this bird zipping around the hibiscus plant going from flower to flower, not stopping for more than a few seconds at each one.

I sat on the driveway just a few feet back, the bird didn’t really pay much attention to me. I turned my camera on and zoomed in on a pink hibiscus flower all the while watching the hummingbirds pattern from flower to flower. I focused my camera on that one flower and waited. Finally, he came to that flower and I excitedly snapped about three shots before it zoomed off to another flower. I was so excited I’m surprised I didn’t drop the camera.

Later on when I transferred the photos I was very happy to find that I had captured this hummingbird in a clear image. The other shots weren’t too bad either. Looking back I wish I had saved them. Now a days I don’t tend to delete any images even if they don’t catch my eye right away.

In this photo there are yellow leaves on the plant, my mom wanted to know if I couldn’t use the computer and cut them out. No, once I take the picture it’s complete. The way things truly are is what I like about them.

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