Peach Hibiscus Flower Closeup Photo

Another photo of this peach / lavender color hibiscus flower. This hibiscus grows in my yard and has been continued through cu

Ghost Crab on Cape San Blas Beach

There are lots of ghost crabs on Cape San Blas beach at  Saint Joseph peninsula state park in Florida. At first the crabs wou

Cape San Blas Beach, Saint Joseph peninsula state park Florida

I’ve been to a few beaches in Florida and I have to say that Cape San Blas has the prettiest sand I’ve seen in the

Sanibel Sunset on the Causeway

I took this closeup photo of the sunset in May on the Sanibel Causeway in Florida. I like the contrast of the dark waters agai

Yellow tabebuia flower photo

I took this photo of this tabebuia flower from the sidewalk on the side of the highway. Tabebuia is a tree that seems to bloo

Pink Desert Rose Flower Photo

I took this photo of this pink desert rose flower a few years back and recently came across it and wanted to share. The desert

White hibiscus flower photography

This bright white hibiscus flower photo was taken in Labelle Florida. The sunlight was hitting the flower just right to captur

White Hibiscus Flower Picture

This hibiscus photo has always been one of my favorites. For me it turned out so well because the plant was in an overgrown ar

Double Pink Oleander Flower

A picture I took a while back that I really like. This pink oleander flower seems bigger than most regular oleander flowers. O

Yellow Alamanda Flower Photo

A closeup picture of an alamanda flower. Seems the light was just right to capture the texture and bright color of this flower

Scrub Jay Bird on Post

I miss living in Muse Florida where I would often see the rare scrub jay bird in my yard. And even more so if we put bird seed

Pink hibiscus flower close up photo

This photo was take in the month of September in the small town of Labelle, Florida. This plant was growing near a sidewalk th

Sunset and a palm tree on the Sanibel causesway

A clear afternoon for a dazzling sunset on the Sanibel Causeway This photo was take in the month of August in the beautiful s

Yellow elder plant, colorful flowers

The yellow elder is native to the Bahamas and is its national flower. It can also be seen throughout south Florida. I started

Sunset on the Beach, Lido Key Florida

Lido Key Beach Sunset. I snapped this shot and several others at Lido South Park in Sarasota Florida. If you enjoy the beach t

Green Hummingbird on Pink Hibiscus Flower

Humming Bird, Abaco, Bahamas. This photo is one of my favorites. Trust me, not an easy task for me to capture this or any othe

Flower Pink Oleander photo, LaBelle Florida

Pink Oleander Flower. A common flower seen in Florida. Pink is the most common flower but I’ve seen other colors as well

Abaco Bahamas Sunset Photo by Ian Sands

One of my favorite sunsets.  I took this photo a few years back and it has always been one of my favorite shots. The clouds l

Yellow Partridge Pea Flower at Labelle Nature Park

  Yellow flower partridge pea, chamaecrista fasciculata. I first came across this plant when visiting a park. (Hickeys Cr

Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest image taken from the boardwalk

A common scene at the Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest. If you visit this forest in Florida you will see plenty of palmettos

Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest Florida

Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest Hendry County Florida. One of my very favorite spots to photograph and enjoy the natural bea

Orchid Flower Photo by Ian Sands

  Orchid Flower (Orchid Tree) In Florida there are several trees that you can see blooming during the year. Also referred

Bees on Pink Coral Vine Flower

The coral vine plant has bunches of vibrant pink flowers that makes it stand out to anyone that likes colors or flowers. As yo

Palm Sunset in Lakeworth Florida

Orange sunset with palm tree through the power lines. I took this photo in Lakeworth near West Palm Beach from the sidewalk of

Fire Orange Sunset Photo Labelle Florida

Orange sunset over the trees and brush. This sunset photo was taken on a back road looking through the trees. The branches on

Royal Poinciana Tree

Royal poinciana tree with red blooms and seed pods. One of my favorite trees, the royal poinciana blooms during the summer mo

Pink Peach Hibiscus Flower

  This hibiscus flower plant was started from a cutting and passed onto me. It has since then been multiplied several tim

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on Zinnia Flower

  One of my very favorite butterfly photos. This gulf fritillary butterfly almost looks like a painting. I used the macro

Yellow Cana Lily Flower Picture

My brother gave me this yellow canna lily plant a while back and as you can see the colors are very vibrant. A very nice lily

Oleander Plant Flower Photo

The oleander is one of my favorite types of flowers. There are various colors but as far as I can tell the most common are pin

Fox squirrel in an oak tree

This fox squirrel showed up at the house when he realized we put out seed for the birds. He was there daily for about a month,

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