Flower Pink Oleander photo, LaBelle Florida

Pink Oleander Flower

Pink Oleander Flower

Pink Oleander Flower. A common flower seen in Florida. Pink is the most common flower but I’ve seen other colors as well such as red and white. The scientific name for this plant is nerium oleander. The plant is toxic (poisonous) but still found in many yards and business parking lots. Pretty to look at but don’t eat it. Who would, anyway? It’s safe to handle as I’ve collected seed pods from them before but just to be safe I’d wash my hands after.

I did start a few plants from seed but there is a bug that attacks the young plants so my seedlings didn’t make it. Interesting that the plant is toxic and that it’s a food source for a certain bug. I wouldn’t want to mess with that bug. I’ve been considering to try growing a few more plants but now I’m not so sure.

The flowers on this plant are not that big. But the vibrant pink color is very noticeable if you take the time to see them. The shape and detail of the flowers are also worth noticing.

Flowers have become my favorite subject to photograph. There are so many to be  found, so many colors, so many intricate details. All created perfectly and worth taking the time to stop and enjoy them. And if you have a camera you can even capture a beautiful flower in time and enjoy its beauty for years to come. Sometimes I think there surely can’t be any kind of flowers and plants that I haven’t seen yet, but I’m always happy to find that there will always be new discoveries to enjoy.

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