Lido Key Sarasota Sunset
Sunsets, The Beach

Sunset on the Beach, Lido Key Florida

Lido Key Beach Sunset. I snapped this shot and several others at Lido South Park in Sarasota Florida. If you enjoy the beach this park is worth the visit. A great place for photography or just for relaxing and or swimming. There are picnic benches  and restrooms and if I remember correctly bar B Q grills also. If you enjoy nature…

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Humming bird photo, Abaco Bahamas
Birds, Flowers

Green Hummingbird on Pink Hibiscus Flower

Humming Bird, Abaco, Bahamas. This photo is one of my favorites. Trust me, not an easy task for me to capture this or any other hummingbird in a clear image. I was truly blessed to get this shot. I had tried to photograph hummingbirds before and just given up. They were too fast, before I could even get the camera aimed…

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Pink Oleander Flower

Flower Pink Oleander photo, LaBelle Florida

Pink Oleander Flower. A common flower seen in Florida. Pink is the most common flower but I’ve seen other colors as well such as red and white. The scientific name for this plant is nerium oleander. The plant is toxic (poisonous) but still found in many yards and business parking lots. Pretty to look at but don’t eat it. Who would,…

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Sunset in Abaco Bahamas

Abaco Bahamas Sunset Photo by Ian Sands

One of my favorite sunsets.  I took this photo a few years back and it has always been one of my favorite shots. The clouds look like a painting and the background of the blue sky and the foreground of the pine trees just make this picture perfect to me. Of course, another reason this photo is so dear to…

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Yellow flower partridge pea, chamaecrista fasciculata.

Yellow Partridge Pea Flower at Labelle Nature Park

  Yellow flower partridge pea, chamaecrista fasciculata. I first came across this plant when visiting a park. (Hickeys Creek Mitigation Park)It’s a small flower, not very showy but the more I saw it the more it grew on me. I used google and found the common name of this plant is the partridge pea and the scientific name is It’s a small flower, not very…

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