Duke of Tuscany Flower #flowers #photography #art

Duke of Tuscany Flower. If interested in this photo as a print or on other items like phone cases or journals please check out

Orange Honeysuckle Flower Photography by Ian Sands

Honeysuckle is a pretty flower that attracts humming birds. The flower grows on a vine which can be cut back to grow as a bush

Wildflower photography by Ian Sands, wildflower on fence

Wildflower photo taken in Florida by Ian Sands. I’m not sure of the name of this wildflower but it sure is pretty. Art p

Peach Hibiscus Flower Closeup Photo

Another photo of this peach / lavender color hibiscus flower. This hibiscus grows in my yard and has been continued through cu

Yellow tabebuia flower photo

I took this photo of this tabebuia flower from the sidewalk on the side of the highway. Tabebuia is a tree that seems to bloo

Pink Desert Rose Flower Photo

I took this photo of this pink desert rose flower a few years back and recently came across it and wanted to share. The desert

White hibiscus flower photography

This bright white hibiscus flower photo was taken in Labelle Florida. The sunlight was hitting the flower just right to captur

Pink hibiscus flower close up photo

This photo was take in the month of September in the small town of Labelle, Florida. This plant was growing near a sidewalk th

Yellow elder plant, colorful flowers

The yellow elder is native to the Bahamas and is its national flower. It can also be seen throughout south Florida. I started

Green Hummingbird on Pink Hibiscus Flower

Humming Bird, Abaco, Bahamas. This photo is one of my favorites. Trust me, not an easy task for me to capture this or any othe

Flower Pink Oleander photo, LaBelle Florida

Pink Oleander Flower. A common flower seen in Florida. Pink is the most common flower but I’ve seen other colors as well

Yellow Partridge Pea Flower at Labelle Nature Park

  Yellow flower partridge pea, chamaecrista fasciculata. I first came across this plant when visiting a park. (Hickeys Cr

Royal Poinciana Tree Photo

Yes I already posted a photo of a royal poinciana tree but it is such a colorful tree that I ha to post another for your enjoy

Zebra Winged Butterfly on Spanish Needle Flower

Zebra Winged Butterfly (Heliconius charitonia) on Spanish Needle Flower. This flower is a common weed but most don’t kno

Monarch Butterfly on red penta flowers

  A close up. If you want a picture of a butterfly you should get comfortable and be patient. The butterfly will eventual

Royal Poinciana Tree

Royal poinciana tree with red blooms and seed pods. One of my favorite trees, the royal poinciana blooms during the summer mo

Pink Peach Hibiscus Flower

  This hibiscus flower plant was started from a cutting and passed onto me. It has since then been multiplied several tim

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on Zinnia Flower

  One of my very favorite butterfly photos. This gulf fritillary butterfly almost looks like a painting. I used the macro

Oleander Plant Flower Photo

The oleander is one of my favorite types of flowers. There are various colors but as far as I can tell the most common are pin