Queen Butterfly (Danaus gilippus) on a milkweed flower photo

Photo by Ian Sands. Location: LaBelle Florida. Subject: Queen Butterfly. This queen butterfly was fluttering around and through the milkweed plants at my moms house. The queen butterfly has vibrant colors and patterns as you can hopefully see from this photo. When photographing butterflies I always try to take the picture using the macro setting.… Read More Queen Butterfly (Danaus gilippus) on a milkweed flower photo


Orange Sunset Through Palmetto

Sunset photo by Ian Sands. Location: LaBelle, Florida. I took this sunset photo in Port Labelle. The sun setting through the palmetto fronds and highlighting the sky and weeds really make this one of my favorite sunset photos.


Royal Poinciana Tree

Royal poinciana tree with red blooms and seed pods. One of my favorite trees, the royal poinciana blooms during the summer months and has beautiful showy red flowers. I see the blooms mostly when I’m driving but whenever I get the chance I stop to capture a few photos. Royal poinciana grow into big trees and… Read More Royal Poinciana Tree