Ian Sands Photography

Orange sunset photo through an oak tree with a palm tree, LaBelle, Florida

I took this orange sunset photo from the drawbridge in LaBelle, Florida. This is one of my favorite sunset photos. Sunset phot

Rudbeckia black eyed susan flower photo by Ian Sands

One of my favorites is the rudbeckia flower, also know by it’s common name, black eyed susan. The yellow flowers can be

Queen butterfly on Milkweed Flower

Another queen butterfly on a milkweed flower. I took this butterfly photo in my moms yard. She has the milkweed plants to attr

Florida Orange Fire Sunset over the pasture

A orange fireball sunset photo that I took through palmettos and under an oak tree. The sky this night was hazy and made for a

Peach Hibiscus Flower Closeup Photo

Another photo of this peach / lavender color hibiscus flower. This hibiscus grows in my yard and has been continued through cu

Queen Butterfly (Danaus gilippus) on a milkweed flower photo

Photo by Ian Sands. Location: LaBelle Florida. Subject: Queen Butterfly. This queen butterfly was fluttering around and throug

Orange Sunset Through Palmetto

Sunset photo by Ian Sands. Location: LaBelle, Florida. I took this sunset photo in Port Labelle. The sun setting through the p

White Peacock Butterfly photo on a zinnia flower

One of my older photos of a white peacock butterfly on a zinnia flower. Butterflies are beautiful creatures to watch. If you c

Pink hibiscus flower close up photo

This photo was take in the month of September in the small town of Labelle, Florida. This plant was growing near a sidewalk th

Sunset and a palm tree on the Sanibel causesway

A clear afternoon for a dazzling sunset on the Sanibel Causeway This photo was take in the month of August in the beautiful s

Royal Poinciana Tree Photo

Yes I already posted a photo of a royal poinciana tree but it is such a colorful tree that I ha to post another for your enjoy

Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest

I took this photo at the Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest in Florida. A gorgeous preserve that you should take the time to vi

Zebra Winged Butterfly on Spanish Needle Flower

Zebra Winged Butterfly (Heliconius charitonia) on Spanish Needle Flower. This flower is a common weed but most don’t kno

Monarch Butterfly on red penta flowers

  A close up. If you want a picture of a butterfly you should get comfortable and be patient. The butterfly will eventual

Oleander Plant Flower Photo

The oleander is one of my favorite types of flowers. There are various colors but as far as I can tell the most common are pin